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Human Driven, AI-Powered, Open Source

The First AI Expert Marketplace

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Powered By You

Turn your expertise into an AI Expert or create a solution for a popular problem. 

  • Find in-demand ideas
  • Publish your solution
  • Monetize easily

Our Ecosystem

We are made up of creators, creatives, idea people, entrepreneurs, and end-customers. Deploy your solutions or AI Experts in an environment that will help them grow. Not only is our community a great way to get and test ideas for AI solutions, we also give you open-source access to the speediest coding assistant imaginable.

We have the key. Just find the lock.


Exponential Development

Yeager is a coding environment where your creativity is your only limitation. Use Yeager's prompt-based platform to build at the speed of thought. 

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Open Source

Our code is open for exploration, replication, and improvement. We encourage builders to use our model to create other specialized AI Experts. Our first offering is based in Python and employs the use of several LLMs, depending on the use case.

Create Workflows at the Speed of Thought

Welcome Text

A workflow that sends a WhatsApp message when a new contact is added to your CRM

Competition Tracker

A workflow that tracks competitors. Know about new pricing, new features, what they talk most about on social media, and their SERP ranks

DM Manager

A master inbox that connects to all platforms with direct messaging capabilities 

Quick Start Guide

  • Join our Discord
  • Type yWorkflow
  • Explain your idea to Yeager
  • Build and monetize your solutions

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